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Canadian Regulation

Currently, there is less regulation on FinTech companies than on federally regulated financial institutions. There have been a number of reports written recently regarding the need for increased regulation within the finTech industry in Canada.

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-  The Competition Bureau has launched a FinTech market study, which will be published in Spring 2017. This study will aim to advise of the need for regulatory reform while maintaining competition and consumer confidence. 

- The Task Force for the Payments System created The Way We Pay: Transforming the Canadian Payments System

- The Department of Finance Canada created Balancing Oversight and Innovation in the Ways We Pay: A Consultation Paper, which looks at the oversight of national payment systems

- Contained within the Ontario Securities Commission Notice 11-774 - Statement of Priorities is a section about the need to monitor FinTech changes determine whether regulatory changes are needed. 

Electronic Resources


Financial Times
The Economist
Investment Executive                                                                                                                                           

Globe and Mail   

Financial Post

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