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Key Texts

Introduction to Securities Text:

Ontario Securities Law Simplified: A layman’s guide to Securities Law & Regulation in Ontario, 3rd ed. (2004).

Other Texts

Mark Gillen – Securities Regulation in Canada, 3rd ed. (2007)

David Johnston & Kathleen Rockwell – Canadian Securities Regulation, 5th ed. (2014)  QL

Jeffrey MacIntosh & Christopher Nicholls – Securities Law (2002) 

Howard E. Johnson (Ed.) - Corporate Finance for Canadian Executives (2007)

Securities Litigation and Enforcement (2nd) by Joseph Groia (a former ENF head).

Securities Law in Canada, 2nd Edition by Mary Condon, Janis Sarra & Anita Anand – available as a PDF ebook.

Conference Materials

Government Reports

Government Reports are generally the basis for legislative provisions.  Check also their Interim Reports, Background Papers, Submissions, etc.  Often in PDFs in catalogue.

  • Kimber Report – Report of the Attorney-General’s Comm. on Securities Legislation in Ontario (1965)
  • Merger Report - Report of the OSC on the problems of Disclosure Raised for Investors by Business Combinations and Private Placements (1970) – led to the introduction of the closed system
  • Anisman Report – Proposals for a Securities Market Law for Canada (1979) - constitutional aspects of securities law, definitions of a security, disclosure obligations, problems with sanctions, insider trading and licensing securities market participants
  • Report of the Ontario Task Force on Financial Institutions (1985)
  • Final Report of the Advisory Committee on junior resource financing and the competitive position of Ontario (1986)
  • Daniels Report - OSC Task Force on Securities Regulation (1994) - responsibility & effectiveness
  • Where were the Directors – Guidelines for Improved Corporate Governance in Canada (TSE - Chair:  Peter Dey) (1995) – Follow-up Report – Five Years to the Dey (1999)  Regulatory framework for entry
  • Stromberg Report – Regulatory Strategies for the Mid-90s: Recommendations for Regulating Investment Funds in Canada (1995) – recommended the registration of financial planners & proficiency standards and development of an SRO to oversee
  • Report of the Toronto Stock Exchange Committee on Corporate Disclosure & Background Papers – proposal for introducing civil liability for continuous disclosure (1995)
  • Industry Canada – several papers regarding the proposed reform of the CBCA (mid-90s) includes papers on take-over bids, shareholder communication, going-private transactions
  • Report of the Joint Securities Industry Committee on Conflicts of Interest (1997)
  • Five Year Review Committee Report – Reviewing the Securities Act (2003)
  • Canada Steps Up – Task Force to Modernize Securities Legislation in Canada (2006).  Background papers include Pilkington & Cory’s paper “Critical issues in Enforcement”.
  • It’s Time – WPC (Wise Persons’ Committee to Review the Structure of Securities Regulation in Canada (2003)


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