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Legal Research


You can conduct a full-text legislative research on SecuritiesSource, Quicklaw, and e-Laws for statutes and regulations. We recommend that you use e-Laws for searching for the most up-to-date version of an Ontario Statute or Regulation. 

Ontario Securities Act

There is also the "bluebook" - the Consolidated Ontario Securities Act with Rules in print form.

It is also available in Ebook form via Westlaw's Proview (you will need a WL OnePass)


Blue Book

Blue Book

Carswell publishes the “bluebook” which contains the Consolidated Ontario Securities Act, Regulations and Rules with Policy Statements (National, Uniform, OSC), Blankets Orders and Notices (CSA, OSC, Intergovernmental Agreements). It is published twice a year and may contain errors. 

eBook version of Cons. Ontario Securities Act available via PROVIEW on Westlaw.  Contact ReferenceDesk for WL OnePass.

Blue book on CD-ROM

The Cons OSA on CD can be installed on your desktop. The CD version contains historical versions dating back for 10 years.  It has the same errors as the blue book in print.  It is only available to Staff who need to go off-site to work.   It appears as a Word icon on your desktop once installed. To open: Use CTL and + Left click on your mouse to select the edition you wish to consult in PDF form.

Historical Versions of OSA

The OSC Library has digitized PDFs of the historical office consolidations/blue books of the Ontario Securities Act (OSA).   We have digitized 1940 –  at:  T:\OSCGEN\Library\OSA_Consolidation_Archives

We have also created a OSA Legislative History Table by Section - aka DASH  that details the amendments to each section of the OSA dating back to 1928.   It was formerly in an Excel spreadsheet on the T drive.  [T:\OSCGEN\Library\OSA_Historical Statutes\OSA Legislative History by Section] 

DASH - Database of Amendments to the Securities act's History is a resource that allows you to easily see the Legislative History of each section of the Act.


We also digitized historical legislative amendments/regulations to the OSA including 1st – 3rd Readings of Bills, Hansard, Committee Minutes at:  T:\OSCGEN\Library\OSA_Historial_Statutes

They are arranged by year and Bill #.  Each folder will have the 1st - 3rd Readings, Hansard, etc.  We also have these in print in binders in the Library legislative collection. 

OSC Rules / Instruments

Current Consolidated Rules

Noting Up or Judicial consideration of Rules

WestlawNext - run a full-text search using the following search example:

To note up s. 8.1 of National Instrument 44-101, run the following in the Cases database on Securities Source.

(national instrument or ni) /1 "44-101" /15 8.1

Statute Judicial Consideration / Noting-up the OSA

Annotated Securities Acts:

  • BLG – Securities Law & Practice Securities Source
  • CCH – Canadian Securities Law Reporter  - QL / Lexis Canada - Practice Page
  • Annotated Ontario Securities Act  - McCarthy Tetrault (CCH)

To be thorough, you must judicially consider a statute using both QL and Westlaw Canada.


Click on the LEGISLATION tab when you sign on to QL.

Click on the QuickCITE STATUTE CITATOR (panel on the right-hand side).

Jurisdiction:            Ontario

Legislation Title:     Securities

Citation                     IF you have the citation information only, you can enter it.  OR you can leave this field blank if you do not know.  It will only search the most current statute revision.  Do not enter the words "section", "sec" or "s." Example:  R.S.O. 1990, c. S.5, s.11

Legislation Section/Article:  Enter a legislation section number or article to search for.  Example: 11  or “9(2)”

Full-text noting up


You should also judicially consider the section in the OSC Decisions database on QL in the Tribunal Cases database Tab AND the Court Cases database (tab):     

Select: Tribunal Cases     

Find More Sources: Ontario Securities Commission Decisions     

Example. For Securities Act s.1(3),

Enter Search Terms: securities /2 act /20 “1(3)”    

Key Cite on Westlaw Next

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U.S. Legislative History Research

What were they thinking?

You may be asked to determine 'what were they thinking' when a piece of legislation was drafted.

We have compiled an in-house table of amendments to the Act that details which Bill the change originated in.

To determine their Legislative Intent, you will need to consult Bills, especially the First Reading which contain Explanatory Notes about the Bill, as well as its' Debates aka Hansard.  

The contents of these debates and Explanatory Notes is often not very informative but it may refer you to a Government Report which will contain substantive information.  We have Government Reports as PDFs in the Library catalogue. 

Please consult the Library when asked to do this type of research in case we have already compiled the Legislative History for this section.

Lipad is the first machine-readable and fully searchable historical Hansard, developed by political scientists, computer scientists and historians at the University of Toronto. Their advanced search function allows users to search within the full text and by speaker names, parties, and topics of Hansard proceeding from 1901 to today.

Tables of Concordance

A table of concordance can provide you with a link to a corresponding section in another province.