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What is the OSA Legislative Table aka DASH?

Tracing legislative history is one of the most commonly asked reference questions in any legal library.  The Legislative History Table traces the entire legislative history of the Ontario Securities Act by including the amendments to every section back to when it first came into force.  We have given it the name DASH - Database of Amendments of the Securities Act's History.

Legislative intent can also be traced via the database.  Each amending act is hyperlinked and includes the Hansard Debates.

Accessing Historical Ontario Securities Act Documents

Ontario Securities Act

The library has all the historical consolidations/blue books of the Ontario Securities Act (OSA) in .pdf format.  1940 the present can be found at:  T:\OSCGEN\Library\OSA_Consolidation_Archives

Historical Amendments and Regulations

The historical legislative amendments/regulations to the OSA have also been digitzed including 1st – 3rd Readings of Bills, Hansard, Committee Minutes at:  DASH

They are arranged by year and Bill #.  Each folder will have the 1st - 3rd Readings, Hansard, etc.  We also have these in print in binders in the Library legislative collection. 

Please consult Knowledge Services staff if you have any issues accessing historic documents or require documents that are not in our collection.

e-Laws Legislative History Tables

Detailed legislative history tables can be found via eLaws by navigating to their Legislative tables page where you will want to Download public statute tables (.zip 12MB).

After downloading the statues, navigate to this folder and select T90s05 and the legislative history will show for the entire act up until the R.S.O 1990.


NOTE: this service on E-Laws is no longer updated.

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