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OSC Glossary


Acronym Category Description
Tribunal Law  

Tribunal is a body empowered to make decisions about certain matters.

(Source: A Brief Overview of the Regulatory Structure of Securities Regulation in Ontario)

Trading Book Markets

Trading book of a firm consists of all positions in financial instruments and commodities held either with trading intent or in order to hedge other elements of the trading book and which are either free of any restrictive covenants on their tradability or able to be hedged (recast AD Article 11(1).

(Source:  Allen & Overy Briefing Papers Glossary)

 TRS Markets

Total return swap.

(Source: Allen & Overy Briefing Papers Glossary)

 Trailer Fee Markets

Trailer fee that a mutual fund manager pays to a salesperson who sells the fund to investors. The trailer fee pays the salesperson for providing the investor with ongoing investment advice and services. Also known as a "trailer commission". 

(Source: Investopedia)

 TSXV Markets

TSX Venture Exchange is a public venture capital marketplace for emerging companies. Created in Canada on November 29, 1999 as a result of an agreement among the Vancouver, Alberta, Toronto and Montreal exchanges to restructure the Canadian capital markets along the lines of market specialization.

(Source: TSXV website)