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Statutory Reference to OSA

Section 75: Timely Disclosure outlines that necessity of issuing and filing a news release disclosing the nature and substance of a material change within ten days of the change, with the only exceptions being outlined by 75 (3).


Ontario Securities Act
Text of Section 75

NI 51-102 Part 7
Text of NI 51-102

NI 81-106 Part 11
Text of NI 81-106

Government Reports

Civil Liability for Continuous Disclosure" (1998) 21 OSCB 3367.  T:/OSCGEN/Library/OSC Bulletins.

OSC Request for Comment 51-901:" Material Fact and Material Change" eDoc

The Toronto Stock Exchange  Committee on Corporate Disclosure.  A Search for Balance in Corporate Disclosure -  Interim Report (December 1995). KF 1449 T66 1995   T:/OSCGEN/Library/Gov Reports

TSE Committee on Corporate Disclosure - Toward Improved Disclosure - Background Papers (1995). T:/OSCGEN/Library/Gov Reports

TSE Committee on Corporate Disclosure - Comment Letters T:/OSCGEN/Library/Gov Reports

TSE Committee on Corporate Disclosure - Responsible Corporate Disclosure - A Search for Balance - Final Report 1997  T:/OSCGEN/Library/Gov Reports

CSA Notice 53-302 (2000) 23 OSCB 7383.  T:/OSCGEN/Library/OSC Bulletins.

Selected Cases

Theratechnologies v 121851 Canada Inc, 2015 SCC 18 at paras 24-26, 40-42, and 52-55.

Cornish v Ontario Securities Commission, 2013 ONSC 1310

Coventree Inc. (Re.) (2011), 34 OSCB 10209

Citibank Canada (1989) 12 OSCB 2097

Re YBM Magnex International Inc. (2003), 26 OSCB 5285

Kerr v. Danier Leather Inc. (2005), 77 O.R. (3d) 321 (C.A.)


Selected Texts in the Library collection

Borden Ladner Gervais. Securities law and practice.  K 1439 A727

Mark R Gillen. Securities regulation in Canada. KF 1439 G45

David Johnston and Kathleen Rockwell. Canadian securities regulation. KF 1439 J63

Selected Articles

Federated Press Articles

Joseph Groia. Disclosure Issues in Ontario: Has Materiality Become Immaterial? 1998.

Jeffrey S. Leon, Keir Wilmut.  Coping with Coventree: Material or Not Material Remains the Question. 2012.

Clarke Hunter. Alberta Securities Commission Addresses Materiality, Disclosure and Insider Trading.  2011.

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