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Citation of OSC Decisions

NOT FROM McGILL, as suggested by Enforcement Litigators

1981 and after:

Re Donnini (2002), 25 OSCB 6225. Note:  For 1981-1983 there were two volumes per year (Volumes 1 to 6)


1980 and earlier:

Re Luccis & Company, (1962) OSCB 2 (June).

Rodney Gold Mines Ltd. And Claybar Consultants Ltd v. OSC, (1972) OSCB July-Dec. 159 (Ont. Sup. Ct.).


OSC Weekly Summary:

Amway of Canada Ltd., [1977] OSC Weekly Summ. 3A (Dec. 16).

Shorten In the Matter of … Or In re to Re … Re Rankin (21 Feb. 2008), OSC Order, online: OSC <>.  [It is preferred to use the reported version once it is reported in the OSCB.] 

Specific to the OSC

OSC employees should use the citation format specified in the McGill Guide [Canadian Guide to Uniform Legal Citation, 9th ed.], with the exception of citing certain Commission documents and securities instruments.

The format for frequently used citations is cited below. See the complete McGill Guide available on WestlawNext for any citations not covered by this guide. 

Commission Decisions

Citing decisions published in the Ontario Securities Commission Bulletin:*

Title of proceeding (year),

volume number OSCB page number


Canada Malting Co. (Re) (1986),

9 OSCB 3566

at para 59.

Citing decisions published on CanLII (2004-):

Title of proceeding,

year ONSEC decision number


Azeff (Re),

2015 ONSEC 11

at para 45.

For the title of the proceeding, In the matter of is replaced by Re, which is shown in brackets after the respondent. Refrain from using et al to indicate multiple parties. Use both Bulletin and CanLII citations for Commission decisions where possible. Do not use italics on the cover page of a decision.


Commission’s Rules of Procedure and Forms*

Title (date),

volume number OSCB page number


Ontario Securities Commission Rules of Procedure and Forms (2017),

40 OSCB 8988,

r 6.

Abbreviate rule to r for pinpoint citations.


Commission Practice Guideline*

Title (year),

volume number OSCB page number


Ontario Securities Commission Practice Guideline (2017),

40 OSCB 9009,

s 6(1)


National Policies and Instruments*

Abbreviate National Instruments to NI and National Policies NP

Title | Commission | Document

Bulletin Citation (date) 



37 OSCB 4165

at 3956.


Other Jurisprudence

General rules for citing jurisprudence

If available, cite the neutral citation. If a neutral citation is not available use the citation of the reporter provided by the parties. Parallel citations are not required. Examples of commonly used neutral citations are:

Title of proceeding,

neutral citation


Committee for the Equal Treatment of Asbestos Minority Shareholders v Ontario (Securities Commission),

2001 SCC 37


R v Tang,

2015 ONCA 470

at para 15

Ontario (Securities Commission) v MRS Sciences,

2015 ONCA 6317


Begin a page or paragraph pinpoint with at. Do not place a comma before at and do not use a p to indicate the page number. Cite paragraphs by using para or paras. Separate consecutive page or paragraph numbers by an en-dash, retraining at least the two last digits.


Commonly cited statutes:


statute volume




other indexing element

(session or supplement)


Securities Act,




c S.5,



s 127(1)

Criminal Code,




c C-46,



S 745

Statutory Powers Procedure Act,




c S.22




The statute volume and jurisdiction are written without a space between them (eg. RSO or RSC).

For the chapter, write the numeric or alphanumeric chapter designation exactly as shown in the statute column, including dashes and periods. Chapter numbers for Ontario provincial legislation are written as letter.number and not letter-number (the latter is for federal statutes).

Citations are presumed to be amended on the date of publication of the author’s text (do not include “as amended”).

Regarding pinpoints, abbreviate section to s and sections to ss in the footnotes, but for in-text citations, always write the full word. Do not insert at before the reference to the section.

Establishing a Short Form

When defining jurisprudence or legislation for later use in a decision or order use parentheses and bold font for the short form. Do not use quotations. For example:

Ontario Securities Commission Rules of Procedure and Forms (2017), 40 OSCB 8988 (the Rules);

Committee for the Equal Treatment of Asbestos Minority Shareholders v Ontario (Securities Commission), 2001 SCC 37 (Asbestos); and

Securities Act, (RSO 1990, c S.5) (the Act).

If a final draft of a decision includes the use of footnotes, use short forms without the addition of any Latin terms. While not McGill Guide compliant, this increases the accessibility of Commission decisions.

Case Law

Electronic Decisions


Kerr v Danier Leather, [2001] OJ no 4000 (QL) (SCJ).



Underwood v Underwood, 1995 CarswellOnt 88 (WL Can) (Ont Gen   Div).


From CanLII

Gentra Investments v Lipson, 2005 CanLII 3228 (ON SCJ).

Jones v. Tsige, 2012   ONCA 32 (CanLII), <> retrieved on 2012-01-25.

OSC website

Re Rankin (21 Feb 2008), online: OSC <>.

Other Securities   Commissions

Re Global Petroleum Strategies, LLC [Temporary Order], (14 July 2008), online: Saskatchewan   Financial Services Commission Securities Division <>.


Print / Reporter cases



Pezim v British Columbia (Superintendent of Brokers), [1994] 2 SCR 557.

Neutral cite:  Whiten v Pilot Insurance, 2002 SCC 18.


Metson v RW de Wolfe Ltd (2007), 36 DLR (4th) 95 (SCC).


R v Rankin (2007), 86 OR (3d) 399 (CA).


Re Belteco Holdings (1998), 21 OSCB 7743.

Order of citations:

Neutral cites are first, then Official reporters such as OR which take precedence over DLR, etc.:

Elliott v Canadian Broadcasting CorpMet (1993), 16 OR (3d) 677, 108 DLR (4th) 385, 52 CPR (3d) 145 (Gen Div).


Unreported decisions

Creighton v Franko (6 December 1984), Vancouver T-6496-98 (FCTD).


Administrative Bodies and Tribunals Decisions

Allen Systems Group (May 13, 2005) Ottawa PR-2005-005 (CITT).

Canada (Commissioner of Competition) v  Superior Propane (4 April 2002), 2000 Comp Trib 16, online: Competition Tribunal < >.


Case Citation Formats Tips

• Shorten  In reIn the matter of  to Re           

• Use R to refer to the Crown in criminal cases. It should also be used to replace expressions such as:

                     • The Queen, Regina, The Crown or The Queen in the Right of. 

• If it is clear from the name that a party is a company, do not include Inc or Co. However, it if is not clear, you need to include it though you can abbreviate Company (Co), Corporation (Corp), and Incorporated (Inc).

• Include given names and initials that form part of a company or firm name (without punctuation).

• Omit "The", "the", "Le", "La," L' ", or "Les" as the first word of any party name, whenever they are part of the company name or not. However, include any of these words if they are part of the name of an object proceeded against in rem (e.g. aircraft or ships).

• Always include the Ltd., ltee, Limited, s.r.l., or LLP, do not translate these abbreviations. 

Statutes and Regulations

Federal   statutes

Revised Statues

New Statutes/Amend.

Dept. of Justice website




Canada Business Corporations Act, RSC 1985, c C-44.

Statutory Instruments Act, SC 1970-71-72, c 38, s. 3.

Canada Business Corporations Act, RSC 1985, c C-44, online: Dept. of Justice Canada   <>.

Bill C-26, An Act to establish the Canada Border Services Agency, 1st Sess, 38th Parl, 2005, cl. 5(1)(e).

Federal   regulations

Cons. Regulations

New Regulations/Amend.

Dept. of Justice website


Canada Gazette


Canada Corporations Regulations, CRC, c 424,   s 23.

St. Andrew's Lock Regulations, SOR/91-144, s 6.

Canada Business Corporations Regulations, SOR/2001-512, online: Dept. of     Justice Canada   <>.

Can Gazette is official since April 1, 2003.

Canada Business Corporations Act, SI/87-42, (1997) C Gaz II 1338.

Ontario statutes


Revised Statutes

New Statutes/Amendment



e-Laws Official version as of Nov. 30, 2008.  Refer to an electronic version in the same   way as a printed version.

Securities Act, RSO 1990, c S.5, s 11(2).

Securities Transfer Act, 2006, SO 2006, c   8.

Securities Act, RSO c S.5, s 138.14.

Bill 14, An Act to implement 2005 Budget measures and amend various Act, 2nd Sess,   38th Leg, Ontario, 2005 (assented to 15 December 2005), SO 2005, c 31.

Ontario regulations

Revised Regulations

New Regulations/Amend. e-Laws


Securities Act, RRO 1990, Reg 1015.

Securities Act, O Reg 562/07. Business Corporations Act, O Reg   289/00.

Securities Commissions Rules

Mutual Reliance Review System for Exemptive Relief Applications, OSC NP 12-201 (26 August 2005), s.6 . Note:  Cite securities national instruments, national policies and other documents to provincial securities commissions.  Cite to date published in the Bulletin / Weekly Summary.

Proposed Amendments to Multilateral Instrument 52-109 Certification of Disclosure in Issuers’ Annual and Interim Filings and Companion Policy 52-109CP, MSC Notice 2005-19 (1 April 2005). Note: Amendments, proposed rules, staff notices, requests for comments and other commission documents may be cited to the securities commission bulletin or similar publication.

CSA Notice – Amendments to NI 31-101 National Registration System and NP 31-201 National Registration System, OSC CSA Notice, (2006) 29 OSCB 3955.

Rules of Practice or Rules of Court

Jurisdiction (if applicable),

issuing body (if applicable),


indexing number (if applicable),

additional indexing information (if applicable),




Federal Court 
Immigration Rules



r 18.



Court of Queen’s Bench Rules,



r 275.2.


Commission québécoise des 
libérations conditionnelles,

Règles de pratique,



r 10(4).



Rules of Court,

AR 124/2010,

vol 1,

r 10.50.


Citation Tips

Include the jurisdiction and issuing body unless it is part of the title of the rules.

Do not indicate Canada for the rules of the Supreme Court of Canada or the Federal Court.

Abbreviate rule as r.


Secondary Materials


Mary G. Condon, Making Disclosure: Ideas and Interests in Ontario Securities Regulation (Toronto : University of Toronto Press Inc., 1998).

Alan W. Bryant, Sidney N. Lederman & Michelle K. Fuerst, Sopinka, Lederman & Bryant: The Law of Evidence in Canada, 3d ed (Markham:  LexisNexis Canada Inc. 2009).


Lyle Hepburn, Limited Partnerships, loose-leaf (consulted on 18 April 2009), (Toronto: Thomson Carswell, 2005). Note: Use the date that appears on the copyright page (back of the title page) even if it differs from a date that appears elsewhere in the loose-leaf such as the updates.

How to Cite to Securities Law & Practice on Securities Source (Westlaw Canada):

Borden Ladner Gervais LLP, Securities Law and Practice, 3rd ed., loose-leaf (consulted on 17 May 2010), (Toronto:  Thomson Canada Limited, 2007) (WL Can).



 Harry Underwood & René Sorell, “Danier Leather Inc. and the Duty to Update a Prospectus” (2006) 43 Can Bus LJ 134 at 145-148.


Grant Yang, “Stop the Abuse of Gmail”, online: (2005) Duke L & Tech Rev 14 <>.     Note:  14 refers to the Article #


John Spencer, "Life of Reilly" Canadian Lawyer 24:9 (September 2000) 30.


Naomi Wolf, “Take the shame out of rape”, The Guardian (25 November 2005) online: Guardian Unlimited <>.

Newscan Articles

Jacob Bunge, “An NYSE Ex-President Loses Archipelago Case” The Wall Street Journal (4 November 2009), online: Lexis <   9, 2009>.

Conferences, Seminars, Symposia

Luis Sarabia, "The Case for Mills Injunctions" in National Civil CLE Conference Hot Topics in Litigation and Advocacy, 28-29 April 2006 (TorontoOntario Bar Association, 2006).

Website articles, etc.

“Defamation in the Internet Age” (1 June 2008) (podcast), online: Osler <>.

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SEC Files / Release No - based upon US Bluebook:

In re Liberty Silver Corp., SEC File No. 500-1 (Oct. 5, 2012), (Order of suspension of trading), Liberty Silver Corp., Exchange Act Release No. 67989 (Oct. 5, 2012),

EU Regulations

EU Treaties and Legislation 

Primary legislation from the EU comes in the form of treaties.

When citing EU treaties give the title of the treaty followed by the year of publication, the Official Journal series and the issue and page numbers.


Treaty of Lisbon amending the Treaty on European Union and the Treaty establishing the European Community [2007] OJ C306/01

Secondary legislation from the EU comes in a variety of forms including Regulations, Directives and Decisions.

When citing EU legislation for the first time, note the Legislation type, its number and title, then publication details from the Official Journal (OJ) of the European Union. The OJ citation is given in the order: [year] OJ series Number/Page.


Council Directive 2001/29/EC on the harmonisation of certain aspects of copyright and related rights in the information society [2001] OJ L167/10

See Also:  Bournemouth U Citation Guide for a CHART