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General Searching Guides

Google Search Tips

Make your Google searching more efficient using these tips!

Proximity:  Use asterisk * to search for words close together          

Leave a space between words and symbol *

o  “High frequency trades” * regulat 

Synonyms: Use tilde ~ if you want Google to search for synonyms

o   ~broker *illegal *~activities  (will retrieve brokers, agents, games…)

Google now automatically stems search terms (root expander). 

·         To search for an exact word, add a plus sign + to the beginning of it

o   +trading   (will only retrieve trading not traders, traded, trade)

 Use OR  - must be in CAPS -  to search for alternatives

o    “high frequency trades” OR hft

But not search (minus sign and no space before word)

o    blackberry -"priv review" - facebook (words or websites)

 Use intitle:  to restrict your search to words in the title of the website

o    intitle:enron

Use filetype: to restrict your search to a specific type of document PDF/DOC/PPT

o    “report of task force on governance issues” and filetype:pdf

 Calculator 5*9+(sqrt 10) (no quotations, no spaces)

 Fill in the Blank:  Use *  

o  Obama voted * on the * bill

Repeating words: if you type a word in twice, then it will retrieve hits with the word used more than once

derivatives derivatives “bill 135”

CACHED results - look for downward arrow beside results

Search results - use Search tools to Limit Results

  • by Date including Custom ranges
  • by Country

Alerts: set up an alert for a search in news, blogs, videos, etc. and have the results e-mailed to you daily / weekly / as it happens: 

  More  ▼ (top of Google page) ►  Even More – Alerts


Advanced Search Options - Located under Settings on the bottom of the page

  • Use Google’s Search Engine to search a site that does not have a good search engine: Search within a site or domain:
    • “Andrew rankin” and

 +Date, usage rights, numeric range, and more

  • Limit your search by DATE range, etc.
    • Limited ranges, Only search back to one year

Numeric range:  Retrieve pages containing numbers in a specified range:

  • $10000..$10000

Google Scholar

Try it out!

Google Web Search

Twitter Searching Tips

Advanced Twitter Search Commands   Image result for twitter image

Tweet origin and Destination:  from: and to:

from:OSC all the tweets from @OSC

Keyword and Destination:

to:Walmart defective   displays any time someone tweeted to Walmart using the word "defective"

from:Ford recall   displays any tweets sent directly by Ford about a recall

fraud @osc - if you type the keyword before the twitter handle, it will retrieve tweets that mention the handle anywhere in the tweet

from:sec_enforcement madoff   restricts results to any that mention madoff


near:  within:   search tweets where someone has revealed where they are tweeting from (not a guarantee, location needs to be turned on for this to work)

#bluejays from:toronto

Date searching

until:  since: 

cybersecurity until:2008-01-01

fraud since:2015-09-01

"investor protection" since:2014-10-01 until:2015-12-23

But Not - use with caution

"hilton hotels" -paris -nicky         NOTE:  this will also eliminate Hilton Hotels in Paris


iphone AND source:"twitter for android" - people tweeting from their androids about iPhones

Twitter's Advanced Search Page: