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Statutory References to OSA

Section 127 grants the OSC broad discretionary power to sanction market participants if it is in the “opinion” of the OSC to do so.

Ontario Securities Act
Text of section 127(1)

Selected Cases

Abusive threshold – must be crossed before the OSC will sanction a market participant

  • Cablecasting Ltd., (Re) (1978) OSCB 37.
  • Canadian Tire (1987), 10 OSCB 857.
  • Standard Trustco (1992), 15 OSCB 4322.
  • Asbestos (2001), 2 SCR 132.
  • Biovail (2010), 33 OSCB 8914
  • Magna Intl (2011), 34 OSCB 1290

Copies of the OSCB cases can be found on the T-drive.


Selected Texts in the Library Collection

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Harmonization of business law in Canada, 1986 – eDoc

Wise Person’s Committee Report: It’s time – Research Studies, 2003 – eDoc

Mary Condon. Use of Public Interest Enforcement Orders. 2003. - eDoc

Selected Articles

Copies of these articles can be found on the T-drive.

The Rule of Law: Rethinking the Public Interest Jurisdiction of the Ontario Securities Commission by: ( Joseph Groia and Brendan Monahan)  (2018) 61 CBLJ 175.  (WL).

Anita Anand. Carving the Public Interest Jurisdiction in Securities Regulation: Contributions of Justice Iacobucci. 2007.

Anita Anand. Securities Regulation at an Impasse: Developing Effective Regulation in an Ineffective Regulatory Regime. 2005.

Anita Anand. Was Magna in the Public Interest? 2011.

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Tom Atkinson & Cullen Price. The Ontario Securities Commission's Public Interest Power: The Primary of Principles. 2014.


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