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Selected Cases

Listed are cases that are mentioned in the commentary.

  • Fraser v. PSSRB [1985] 2 S.C.R. 455
  • Haydon v. Canada [2001] 2 F.C. 82 (TD)
  • Merk v. I.A.B.S.O.I., Local 771, [2005] S.C.R. 425

Copies of these cases can be found on the T-drive.

Library Texts

Alford, Fred. Whistleblowers: Broken lives and organizational power. HD 60 A394 2001

Berlatsky, Noah. Whistleblowers. HD 60 W485 2012

Calland, Richard & Dehn, Guy. Whistleblowing around the world: Law, culture & practice. HD 60 W48 2004

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Macey, Jonathan R. Coporate Governance: Promises kept, promises broken. KF 1422 M223 2008
Torys LLP. Corporate governance: Sarbanes-Oxley and Recent Canadian Investor Confidence Measures for Cross-Border and Other Canadian Issuers. KE 1422 2003 

Selected Articles

Copies of all of these articles can be found on the T-drive. 

Wilson, I. Daniel.  As Canadian as Apple Pie:  A Critique of the OSC's Adoption of Whistleblowing Bounties under Policy 15-601.  (2019) 62 CBLJ 63.


Carson, Jonathan. The need for whistleblowing legislation in Canada: A critical defence. 2006.

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Jeffrey, Geoff. Expanding the protection against reprisals: It is not just for whistleblowers. 2012.

McKiernan, Michael. Regulator at a crossroads. 2012.

Melnitzer, Julius. Competition Bureau Welcomes Whistleblowers. 2013.

Middlemiss, Jim. Blowing the whistle on fraud. 2014.

Pillay, Sukanya. Forcing Canada's Hand? The Effect of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act on Canadian Corporate Governance Reform. 2004.

Sinzdak, Gerard. An analysis of current whistleblower laws: Defending a more flexible approach to reporting requirements. 2008.

Sarabia, Luis. Whistleblowing protection in Ontario: Yours to discover. 2006.

Sossin, Lorne. Speaking Truth to Power? The Search for Bureaucratic Independence in Canada. 2005.

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